What is FIRAC and how does this assure you in your next purchase?

It is no longer a matter that raises eyebrows now than it was years before – to lodge a case against a retailer for not delivering goods or services paid

Choosing suitable lights for your Home

While light is important to us, to our daily lives and activities at home, most of us take the existence of light for granted. Or grown used to it, if

A New Homeowner’s guide to Flooring Types

  This is a topic that every homeowner would need to touch on and ultimately affects the house incumbents’ lifestyle in the long run.  There are several types of flooring

Dining Set, a buying guide

<h1><strong>Dining Set, a buying guide</strong></h1> While getting yourself a Dining Set is mandatory, do you know that the size, shape, and material choice of this Set can be important setting

Healthy Lifestyle begins with Healthy Furniture

Healthy Lifestyle begins with Healthy Furniture Do you know that, on average, an individual spends up to 9.3 hours a day sitting? That is taken from an infographic by MedicalBillingandCoding.org

The Importance in Getting a Right Bed

It’s Important To Get a Right Bed With the Largest collection for mattress, in conjunction with the sleep experts at The Furniture Mall, we’ve put together some helpful tips for

Coloured Sofa That Packs A Punch Of Colour

Looking at creating a vibrant living room with coloured sofa for a space that packs a punch of colour? Bold, lively colours are much easier to decorate and furnish your

4 Tips To Nail The Monochrome Interior And Decor

Image credit: Houseandgarden.co.uk Go for black and white aka monochrome when decorating for a classy and chic space that is fresh and clean! Neutral colours can work without the harshness and severity. The Furniture

Statement Chairs and Stools That Will Transform Your Home

Dress up your house with statement chairs and stools for an added visual interest. Forget the simple furniture and switch things up to refresh your space. It is especially ideal if you are not ready