Wallpaper has come a long way in design and application. Applying two different wallpapers on

adjacent walls can help make a room look bigger, too. Make sure the two papers are similar in colour

or pattern so the look doesn’t feel too disjointed. Wallpapering just the ceiling is another clever

visual trick, although you may want professional help for that.


Any time of year is a good time to be on vacation. Tropical wallpaperwill turn your home into the

getaway you’ve been dreaming of. Does your ultimate vacation take you to the middle of the jungle,

surrounded by beautiful florals, like these banana leaf designs with contrasting greens and pinks? Or

do you just crave the natural harmony of woven materials? Wherever your dream vacation takes

you, right within your own home, year-round.

With so much choice, you might think your room already looks completely unique to you. The

wallpaper you chose looks fantastic, but what would it look like hung horizontally?


This stunning striped wallpaper looks fantastic when you hang your wallpaper horizontally. Light and

airy, this is the perfect look for rooms with plenty of light.

Horizontal wallpaper also has the power to make any space seem bigger, so why not try this in the

smaller rooms of your home? Hanging wallpaper horizontally is just as easy as hanging it vertically.