Kitchen Top

Kitchen Top

Let’s help you get started on choosing the right material for your kitchen worktop based on a few

factors. Do you cook often? Are most of your kitchen appliances made of stainless steel?

Depending on your answer, you may just find the right material for your kitchen worktop!

Wood – Most balanced. Kitchens dominated by stainless steel appliances can use wood

worktops to add natural warmth to the kitchen.

Solid Surface – Most practical. There are two types of solid surface; polyester based and acrylic

based which is more durable and resistant to scratch than polyester based.

Granite – Most practical. Granite is the second hardest stone next to diamond. There are two

types of granite; indian granite and china granite which is more durable than indian granite.


Marble – Most aesthetically pleasing. Since it is a porous material that absorbs impurities or

water, marble is suitable for those who seldom cook.