Take your time. Great design takes a while and usually requires refining before you come up with the

perfect plan for your lifestyle. Don’t rush through the design — it’s worth taking a little extra time to

make sure you have a more efficient and functional planned ahead.


Remodel Bedroom Ideas

1. Modern Contemporary

This is a perfect idea of a bedroom design which combines a modern concept with excellent lighting.

The beautiful bedroom lamps emit the perfect color to make the room more dramatic. See how the

setting and structuring of the furniture has also been done. There is also a graduation of colors

between the background and the bedroom furniture which determines how sharp the overall room

color is. A good source of lighting is also the sunlight which will lighten up the whole room and will

make it more vibrant.

2. Eclectic

Eclectic bedroom interior furniture adds an entirely fresh perspective as to how you look at your

room. This unexpected design uses different varieties of color, pattern and texture to create a

cohesive look when combined.

3. Cottage

A casual, inviting environment makes cottage style a great choice for guest bedrooms. An easy way

to add a cottage feel is to repurpose items.

4. Mediterranean

Mediterranean style features texture and bold color to create a one-of- a-kind look. This kids’

bedroom features a hand-painted bed and whimsical chandelier that represent the region’s culture.

5. Romantic

Soft hues and delicate fabrics characterize romantic style. The ornate headboard, silhouette bed

pillows and white draperies bring a feminine touch commonly seen in romantic design. An abalone

shell chandelier provides soft lighting.

6. Modern

Minimal design is the epitome of modern style, paired with streamlined wall with a geometric

horizon bed wall for a true modern design. Minimal furnishings and a grey colour palette enhance

the look.

7. Loft

A masculine bedroom with an industrial rustic shelf. Love the combo of dark grey wall, wood,

greyish bedding. Modern but warm with a few touch of gold.